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Double Oven Gloves

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    Handschoen Gant Top Dog Double Oven Glove (W3376)


    Many AGA owners will know their pets find premium position in front of the AGA where they find warmth and the hope of a stray morsel of scrumptious offerings from the cooker. The creation of our new Top Dog textiles has been inspired by our customers and their lovely dogs resulting in a beautiful, stylish and innovative print to use across our textile range.

    • 93cm length for handling large tins and trays
    • Pilable terry cotton
    • Entirely impermeable steam and grease barrier
    • Ergonomic shape for easier grip
    • Made in the UK
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    Handschoen Gant AGA Double Oven Glove (W3355)


    Introducing a new Love AGA to fall for this season. The traditional heart motif is inspired by simple shaker style cross stitch and appears on a range of kitchen textiles and fine bone china mug.

    Featuring a steam and grease barrier for maximum protection and 100% cotton terry insulation.

    Sold as a single.

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    Handschoen Gant Cherry Blossom Double Oven Glove (W3771)

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    Handschoen Gant Fox and Mouse Double Oven Glove (W3685)

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    Handschoen Gant Hare Double Oven Glove (W3568)


    The hare was once regarded as an animal sacred to Aphrodite and Eros because of its high libido. Live hares were often presented as a gift of love. Now the hare is commonly associated with the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre.

    Many cultures, including the Chinese, Japanese and Mexican see a hare in the pattern of dark patches in the moon. The constellation Lepus is also taken to represent a hare.

    Our kitchen textile range features a beautifully detailed hare, hand painted in water colour by artist Pat Tinsley, and has been printed as a repeat on to the gauntlets, double oven gloves and tea towel. The chefs’ pad features a large single hare in all its glory.

    Made from half panama 100% cotton, the hare is digitally printed in order to replicate the beautiful painting to pick out the fine detail.

    • Length: 93cm
    • Features nylon steam and grease barrier in the palms
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    Handschoen Gant Traditional AGA Double Oven Glove Black (W2059BLK)


    Our classic Cooks Collection Double Oven Glove features an entirely impermeable steam and grease barrier and is extra long and pliable. Made from flexible terry cotton, this aids in giving efficient insulation.

    • Dimensions: 90cm long
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    Handschoen Gant Pheasant Double Oven Glove (W3508)


    Introducing our beautiful linen range of textiles for Autumn 2016 with a timeless classical pheasant design and featuring our new subtle grey dyed terry cloth. The pheasant has been hand drawn in water colour and adorns the range to give a quintessentially British design.

    The feel and appearance of linen speaks of finest elegance loved by designers and noted for enduring appeal. It is a very durable, strong fabric which is stronger when wet than dry as the fibres do not stretch like cotton. It can gain up to 20% more moisture before it will feel damp.

    The terry cloth has been dyed a lovely tone of grey to compliment the range and adds a unique touch. It is made from our usual high endurance specification and gives all the same properties of excellent insulation and comfort.

    Please Note:  The terry will soften upon washing and become more pliable.

    Wash with similar colours at 40°. Dry away from direct heat to avoid excess shrinkage.

    • 93cm length for handling large tins and trays, and reaching into the oven
    • Steam & grease barrier for maximum protection
    • 100% cotton terry insulation & 100% linen print

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